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2016 | Looking Back

Hi everyone, I hope you are all up and ready for the holidays. Happy Holidays, this will probably be one of my last posts (if not last) for 2016. I always like to look back at the year and my goals and to be true to myself in evaluating what I have achieved.

This year was nothing short of amazing! So many great things happened in my life for which I am grateful! My hair on the other hand, did not fair as well. If I were to count the number of setbacks, it would probably come to about 2 in total...

I started the year off with a bang! 

Protective styled most of the first half of the year, only to realize that my hair was breaking as the ends of my hair were not tucked in properly while I had my crochet braids... 

Then I went on holiday without a protective style! Another not so good thing especially because Greece was super hot.. My hair ended up looking like this, I had gained some length but my ends were in a bad shape.

I had to part with quite a lot of my hair - I have not shared pics of my trim, I am not ready to share this as yet but I will in due time.

I have been on a back-to-back protective style regimen for about 16 weeks now, just to give my hair a break from me and everything else that has happened to it. I was meant to relax my hair this month but I decided to postpone until some time next year.. And no, I am not transitioning to natural as yet...

In terms of my hair goals:

1. Maintain healthy & thick ends. Partly achieved, last few months of the year...

2. Do long-term protective styles for at least half of the year. Achieved, protective styled for about 8 months...

3. Reach Bra-strap Length. Not yet

4. Continue with relaxer stretches, for at least 16 weeks at a time. Achieved, but I need to see if this is working for me, especially my ends.

5. Participate in at least 2 hair challenges this year. Nope, I fell off the bandwagon here..

6. Drink at least 1 litre of water a day. Yes, most times :-)

7. Revamp my blog. Yes, I did! At a very low cost, it is looking much better than it did before - I love it, I hope you do too!

8. Post at least 4 blog posts per month. Hmmm, I did about 2 a month on average

9. Exercise at least 3 times a week. Unfortunately not, but I have done about once a week on average, which is much better than nothing at all. 

10. Reduce my stash!! Yes! My stash has reduced by more than half! Will share pics after the holidays

And to end it off..

I hope you had a healthy hair year!

Product Review: Keracare Moisturizing Conditioner

Price: Ksh 1,650/ $17

Purchased at: Super Cosmetics, Westlands


Helps maintain glorious hair color without sacrificing healthy hair. Exclusive patented Fiber Strengthening Complex protects hair from thermal and mechanical damage. Strengthens hair between color services. Minimizes color fading. Provides UV protection. Available in 8 fl. oz.

- Minimizes color fading.
- Moisturizes and fortifies hair.
- Exceptional conditioning deposition.
- Leaves hair exceptionally soft and silky.

Back-to-Back Protective Styling

Hello everyone and Hello December!!

Only one month to go until we end it off... I am looking forward to reviewing the highs and lows of the year!

So after my setback (second one of the year I think...), I decided to give my hair a very long break. I started with protective styles in September, and I have not done anything else with my hair since. Here are some of the styles that I tried out:

Product Management - Do a giveaway

After going through so many tubs of conditioners over the past few months, I realized that I still had a lot of products that I could not possibly consume in a short space of time, like moisturizers, heat protectants, etc.

Solution? Giveaway!

Choosing between Lye and No Lye Relaxers

I am nowhere near transitioning to natural, although this is something I would like to do once I achieve my length goal. So until then, the relaxers will remain in my hair regimen

From my last relaxer update, I mentioned how disappointed I was in the Mizani Relaxer. It could be that the relaxer had gone "stale" as I had bought it a couple of months ago. However, in addition to this, the breakage I have been experiencing is making me to question every part of my hair regimen, including the relaxer that I use. 

So I am considering switching relaxers, and OMG there are so many relaxers in the market it is nothing short of overwhelming. So I took a step back, and started doing research on different brands and also types of relaxers, just to make sure that I switch relaxers with all the information that I need to make the decision.

I have been using Mizani Butter Blend Lye Relaxer (Normal Strength) since I started this hair journey. Although I tried using ORS relaxer on the very first relaxer day of my healthy hair journey, and it completely underprocessed my hair. In hindsight, perhaps I did not apply it properly or I rinsed it out too soon, it was in the early days of my HHJ, so I need to give it a benefit of doubt.

Before I started my HHJ, I used Dark 'n Lovely, and it worked pretty well, and my hair was always nice and silky after relaxing. Although I would not want straight hair like that again...

Product Review: Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi Conditioner

Hello dear ones, I haven't done a review in ages, so I thought I would share my experience of a new product that I have tried.

Eden Body Works products are now available in Super Cosmetic Stores in Nairobi, which is totally awesome. I read so many reviews about these products and I longed for the day that they would be easily available where I live. And the day came..

Price: Ksh 1,295/ $13

Purchased at: Super Cosmetics, Westlands

Promises: JOJOBA Natural Deep Conditioner strengthens hair through its botanical combination of Coconut, Jojoba, and Monoi. Formulated to replenish hair strength and restore hair's natural beauty from over processing, damage, and dryness. Fortified to balance the hair's moisture level, resulting in stronger, healthier, more manageable hair. Excellent deep conditioner for all textures and hair types.

New Product Buys: September 2016

Can you believe that I only have three deep conditioners in my stash?? And these are the conditioners that I plan to keep in my regimen :-)

It feels great to open my drawer and not have so many choices over which conditioner to use on a wash day. Simpler is truly better!

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