Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

This is the one thing I have learnt to do to my hair, applying moisturiser and sealing on a daily basis, including those ends! I think it's something that us ladies don't make a habit especially because we have not seen our stylists do so.
We also live in relatively warm climates which tend to dry our hair faster than if we lived further north in the hemisphere, so it's v v v important for our hair to have the right amount of hydration all the time.

Of late (because the weather has become warmer and dryer) I've been moisturising and sealing twice a day with my favourite moisturiser: Elasta QP mango and olive oil moisturiser, but every now and then I use my Mizani H20 intensive night treatment (for extra moisture).

I hope it helps you, it's definitely helping my hair by reducing shedding, keeping it well hydrated and not dry and keeping my ends straight!

Happy moisturising!


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