Relaxer day 15 weeks post... Never again!

Soo the big day came and I must say I was waiting for it for a while as my new growth was so tough and unmanageable! I don't think I'll stretch my relaxers that long again unless I find a way to tame my mane haha!

Steps that I followed:
1. Detangle using my Mizani D'tangle Milk. This took about an hour. Hair lost

2. Based my scalp with a mix of coconut oil and EVOO. Applied Petroleum jelly around my ears and around my hair edges and nape. I also applied conditioner and some EVOO to the hair which was relaxed, it definitely helped coz the relaxer process can get messy and easily go on to the relaxed hair.

3. Mixed a little bit (1 tbsp) EVOO a with half the jar of ORS Créme relaxer normal strength

4. Used the half and half method. This is a tedious method! I don't think I'll hack it again coz even applying and smoothing for a total of 18 minutes per half, my hair especially at the back was still under processed. In future I think I'll just be applying the whole head, making sure I take a max of 3 minutes per section to apply so that I have 13 minutes to smooth and go back to each section. I'll do a strand test properly but I know I definitely need like 20 minutes + to have my hair texlaxed but appropriately processed.

5. Washed the relaxer off and applied my Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor for 5 minutes. 

6. Rinsed off with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo, it's also a neutralising shampoo. Shampood about 6 times, didn't want to take any chances with relaxer remaining in my hair!

7. Used a mix of my conditioners:

Mixed Olive Oil hair cream, Dr Miracles damages hair treatment and a little bit of Parnevu Hair mayonnaise. I didn't want to do a pure protein treatment coz I used Aphogee already.

8. Used the plastic bag method: first covered my hair with plastic wrap, then heated a wet face towel and placed it on top of my head. Then covered it with another plastic bag. This method works well, the facecloth stayed warm on my head for at least 10 minutes so I'm sure my hair was well deep conditioned after an hour. I reheated the face cloth like every 20 minutes.

9. Rinsed the DC off and then did an ACV rinse to restore the pH balance of my hair. My hair was feeling abit rough even after the DC process. I've really learnt the importance of feeling and understanding what your hair needs, as it does not always have the same needs.

10. T-shirt dried for 25 minutes then applied my leave-ins: Parnevu leave-in conditioner, Dr Miracles Intensive spot serum and Revlon Hydra Elixir serum. 

11. Applied Mizani Thermasmooth heat protectant to each quadrant as I flat ironed. I can't say whether it was great as it was the first time I used this product, will need to try it again to know for sure whether it's good.

12. My ends were so frizzy I felt like I didn't relax my hair at all, was abit disappointing but I decided to moisturise the ends and cross wrap overnight. What  a lifesaver! I used Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter, it's like the moisturiser my hair has been waiting for! So see pics after I flat ironed compared to the next day

All in all I would rate my relaxer day as 7/10 just because there are some parts I seriously underprocessed. I think I'll be doing a corrective relaxer in 6-8 weeks time.

As you can see I'm now on the #3 line and grazing #4. I'm definitely changing my goals. APL by June 2015 and MBL by December 2015. So I need 2-3 inches growth to reach APL, which is doable as hair grows at 1/2 inch per month on average, just need to pace myself and protect those ends!!

Peace ✌️


  1. I know exactly how you felt with this relaxer, felt the same way with mine... am approaching my second relax day and omg I am super nervous but I will try my best

    1. All the best Lebo! see my recent relaxer update, it went much better than this one although more on the relaxed side than texlax:


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