Wash day

1. Prepoo: Grapeseed oil, and kept it overnight. Then applied L'oreal Total 5 repairing conditioner to make my hair softer when washing
2. Co-wash: Nothing but cleansing conditioner
3. ACV rinse: My hair was feeling like straw during the week so I knew there was a protein imbalance… the ACV made my hair so soft, definitely helps if you don’t have Roux porosity conditioner or similars, to restore the pH balance of your hair.
4. Deep condition: Skin doctor Argan oil Hydrating mask for about 3 hours (I don’t have a hair dryer or steamer yet, it’s on my wish list…)
Rinsed the deep conditioner and t-shirt dried my hair for about 30 minutes.
5. Leave-in & Detangling: Applied Mizani d’tangle milk, Revlon Hydra Elixir serum and Parnevu leave-in conditioner to my hair and detangled. Because I detangled after conditioning my hair in the shower, there was very little shedding at this point…
Left my hair to airdry further, and rocked a bun (although my hair is not yet long enough to rock those full buns I see on other healthy hair websites)…
All in all, it was a good wash day, I am happy with the results, although I feel like the co-wash I used made me shed a lot of hairs during the washing process. I'll need to try it again to confirm, but it definitely made my hair soft and my hair felt suitably clean afterwards…

Relaxer day is this week, I am super excited to see how long my hair is... Still debating whether to use ORS or Mizani, will post an update in a week's time :)

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