Dusting day

I have been thinking about it for a while but today when I looked at my hair and saw how thin the ends were, as well as the split ends, I decided to do a search and destroy. I cut off the split ends to a maximum length of 1 inch. I did this because I want to maintain healthy ends and I do not want split ends to move up the strands of my hair causing further damage. So, sadly (but for the good in the long run), I am back on line #1 on the length check shirt which is about 2 inches below shoulder length. But I am not backing off my goal to reach BSL by the end of the year so I have about 7 inches to grow and retain to comfortably reach BSL. See this post for further details on my plan to reach BSL.

Visibly my ends look so much better and healthier, although I have lost some length I have gained health, and the length will follow :)

I probably will be doing this every 4 months, to remove a maximum of 3 inches this year, ONLY when there are bad ends to cut, I personally do not believe in trimming or big/mini chopping. I really hope what I did today will help with my hair journey for the year.

Removing split ends does not result in hair growth (obviously, although this is something my previous stylists used to tell me), but it helps to maintain healthy ends that are less prone to damage, breakage, etc. here is an excellent article I found that further explains split ends and how to avoid them.

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