My 10 hair goals for 2015

I have decided to set goals that may be abit of a stretch but I know that I can do it! So here are my 2015 commitments to my hair:

1. I will put health before length this year. I aim to have thick, healthy texlaxed hair with healthy ends.

2. Ultimately my 2015 hair goal is to reach full bra strap length. I am currently 2 inches above armpit length. Therefore I need to grow and retain 6 inches of hair. I am fully on line 2 on my length check t-shirt, so I need to reach line 7.


3. I will deep condition my hair every week, unless I am in a long-term protective style, in which case I will deep condition every second week.

4. I will try to stretch my relaxers for as long as I can (not more than 20 weeks) I will have a maximum of 4 relaxers this year.

5. I will use the inversion method once a month with castor oil.

6. I will do scalp massages three times a week, alternating between Doo Gro oil and Wild growth oil each month.

7. I will participate in at least 1 healthy hair challenge each month.

8. I will drink at least 1 litre water a day.

9. I will take my groganics hair vitamins consistently every month.

10. I will update my blog by adding at least 1 post each week

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