My long-term protective style plan for 2015

After dusting/searching and removing my split ends today, I really need to be serious in achieving maximum growth this year. To do this I am going to start long-term protective styling and stretch my relaxers for as long as I can (I know I previously said I don't want to stretch more than 12 weeks, but to see any significant growth I will have to stretch at least 16 weeks)..

I am going to be doing protective styles for the bigger part of the year. I have not decided which styles I will be doing, but the two I will definitely be doing are:

1. Medium-sized long box braids with extensions in my hair, keeping them for 4 weeks at a time.

2. My wig regimen, with my hair braided underneath (I will keep my braids in for 3 weeks before removing them).

I will keep my current regimen, wearing a protective style will not change anything about it, except with the braids, I may wash them only bi-weekly as opposed to weekly. I will also be leaving my hair to rest for two-four weeks in between my long-term protective styles.

So long-term protective styling here I come! I have my braids and my wig for this week and next week. I will probably put braids in after next week, wearing a wig can be abit tiring I must say :(


  1. That's a pretty wig! I am still terrified of wigs falling off lol so I am yet to rock one but working on it baby steps:)

  2. Thanks Lydz! My hubby always warns me not to wear one if I'm holding a baby, the baby might just pull it off my head :-o lol..
    If you buy one just make sure it was clips inside which can be secured to your head :)


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