Simple wash day

1) After dusting my ends yesterday, I did a scalp massage with Wild Growth Oil. Still feeling sad that I parted with about an inch of my hair, but I'm looking at the bigger picture yeeeah.

Then I moisturised and sealed my hair braids. Put on a shower cap, and left it on for the afternoon and overnight (some call this the GHE Method). In the morning my hair was feeling very moisturised.

2) Shampoo'd with Skin Dr Argan Oil Moisturising Shampoo.

3) Tea rinsed with peppermint, rooibos & green tea (got the idea of doing this mix from Jenny of Just Grow Already, #thanksJen), using my spray bottle. I sprayed directly to my scalp, and waited for 5 minutes before washing it off, I am totally loving this new method. I towel dried for 10 minutes before applying the DC.

4) Deep Conditioned with a mix of CON Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning treatment and ORS Replenishing conditioner. Added about 1 tablespoon of EVOO. Left it in my hair for about 4 hours, no heat used today besides the heat from my scalp.

5) Rinsed with luke-warm water and t-shirt dried for 1 hour. Applied my leave-ins: Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream, Elasta QP Leave-in H2 Conditioner.

My hair felt soft once again, thanks to the DC's I used and baggying my hair overnight. My hair is still in braids (wigging it for the next week again), I intend to undo them next week, before installing box braids. I am so happy that I have found a few conditioners that moisturise my hair very well, the product junkieness is hopefully going to slow down now...

How was your wash day ladies?

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