Wash day

Happy new year in advance everyone!

It's been so hectic haven't had time to update my blog. But now it's back to business... I'll be putting up a post on my 2015 goals, and revisiting it every quarter...

Had my last wash day of 2014, and it didn't go too well.

I did the usual:

1. Pre-poo overnight with Grapeseed oil 
2. Washed with CON moisturising shampoo
3. Black tea-rinsed (mix of peppermint, rooibos and green tea): this is how my hair became so hard and matted! And silly me I only started looming for solutions after i drenched my hair in the tea 
4. DC with Africa's Best tea tree oil Cholesterol treatment. Used the plastic bag method and kept the DC in for 1 hour. I Didn't really like this DC, but I'll give it another 2 tries before putting up a review on it.
5. Rinsed and ACV rinsed as my scalp was quite itchy
6. T-shirt dried for 30 mins and applied my leave-ins: Cantu Shea butter leave-in, Elasta QP H2 leave-in, and sealed with my oil mix.

I am definitely not drenching my hair with black tea or coffee again. I felt like all the hard work with doing an overnight pre-poo to soften and moisturise my hair went to nothing. Also it caused serious shedding and breakage because my hair matted a lot, which is very ironic, given that it is supposed to reduceshedding! 

I will be putting the tea in a spray bottle and spraying only my roots. I also plan to apply conditioner before rinsing the tea out so that minimal tangles are created. 

Sorry no pics today, will make up for it in the next few posts..

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