Hair challenges for 2015

Hi ladies

I've had my box braids for 3.5 weeks now, so I don't have much to say about my hair. I'm taking them out this week, I miss my hair and so does my hubby lol

Anyway I've not had a chance to put up a list of the challenges that I'm actively and passively following. Here they are:

Active participant:

1.) The 2015 Change your hair challenge hosted by Ms Kibibi of
2.) The 2015 NHCG 6 inches of hair growth challenge hosted by Dabs of
3.) The Castor Oil Hair Challenge hosted by Sunshyne of
4.) (My Personal) 2015 grow my nape challenge 

Following, but not an active participant:

5.) 2015 Pamper your hair challenge, hosted by Star of
6.) Let's grow our hair challenge hosted by Yemi and 3 other hair bloggers,

These groups are open to anyone and regular checkups will be done throughout they year, to ensure that you keep up with the challenge and your hair. Join up by going to the websites above for more info.

I have especially loved the Kibibi facebook group, it's a closed group so your friends and family won't see you posting or asking strange questions about your hair. It's always my go to group when I have a question or need a quick review on certain products before buying them. is like Facebook, but for hair and fashion, it's also a great forum to follow hot topics or ask any questions you have in mind. There are always people online in the chat room, and you can even reach out to a specific person who may be your hair crush or whose hair pics you adore.

I think it really helps to know that you're not the only one on this journey, and there are some really supportive hair bloggers out there... So I would urge you to join a hair group or challenge that will keep you on your toes when it comes to treating your hair well...

Happy hair day ladies :-)

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