Wash day: 13 weeks post & tackling breakage

My last wash day was great especially because my first ever roller set came out well... My new growth was actually stretched compared to the sponge it is today :-/ I am running out of patience and I'll be surprised if I last another week before relaxing my hair.

I noticed more breakage than usual during my last wash day and did a protein treatment again this week, thanks to the ladies who suggested this last week :)

0.) Pre-pood for an hour by: oiling my scalp with my castor oil mix & applying coconut oil to the length of my hair. I layered with Mega Growth leave-in conditioner (a protein leave-in).

1.) Shampoo'd with CON Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo (this is probably my staple shampoo until I get a better deal, and I am not looking for one at the moment). Lathered once, and then again with Keracare Detangling Shampoo (as it has less of the unwanted chemicals such as parabens that CON has).

2.) Towel dried for about 10 minutes before applying my deep conditioner: Dr Miracles Damaged Hair Treatment + castor oil + glycerin (I did not measure these but probably 1.5 tbsps of each).

3.) DC'd under my steamer for 30 minutes

4.) Rinsed out the DC, my hair was feeling so soft, I doubt whether the hydrolized protein in this DC is effective (it is number 16 on the ingredient list)...

5.) Towel dried until my hair was 80% dry. Sectioned into 6, detangled, and then applied my leave-ins: L-ApHogee Green Tea & Keratin Restructurizer + O-OGX Anti-breakage serum  + C- Shea butter.

6.) Wrapped my hair (which was very soft at this point) and the next day, my new growth was as coily as a sponge, completely reverted! However, my ends were still breaking more than normal.


My ends are almost at a point of no return at the moment and I do not know what I did for them to become like this. Which is so dissappointing because this is how I lose length ***tears*** I moisture and seal almost daily, I do DCs weekly, I almost never keep my ends out... I hope I can find the cause of this problem soon enough.

I need to do some damage control soon, probably after my relaxer though. At this point I do not think another protein treatment will revive these  ends..

Anyway, here is my attempted protective low-manipulation style (unfortunately I have to redo it every day, I am still learning how to make these flat twists last longer).

How do you keep your ends healthy ladies? Hope you had a great wash day!

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The Wash Day Experience


  1. Awww nice! I love the bow with the "low manipulation style" :-) A few of my friends have been wearing bows quite often to work too of late, how did I not pick up this new trend?! lol! I'm sorry to hear about your ends, but low manipulation will help keep what you have at least. Happy hair journey! :-)

    1. Hi Rachie, bows are a lovely piece to add to your hair look, I actually went to work like this :-)

  2. Hmmm, I think the DC you used is more of a moisturising one. Try ORS Replenishing, or since you are in Nairobi, there's a Darbur Vatika Hair Mask with egg that I used to use as a protein treatment. I hope you find a solution for your breakage soon

    1. Thanks Yvette I agree I'll try a treatment where protein is higher on the ingredient list, although I tried ORS mayonnaise the previous week, and it didn't seem to work.. I think I've seen Dabur Vatika I'll try it out if I find the mask :-)

  3. I agree with Yvette! But your hair looks so nice though.

  4. Fingers crossed that the breakage culprit reveals itself soon. For now, take comfort that the rest of your hair looks incredibly soft and lush!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  5. I have been rocking that low manipulation style of recent. So easy and cute. I hope your ends aren't as bad as you think. Good luck

  6. I love your protective style so gorgeous!!!


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