New product haul from Sizzelle

Product junkie tendencies??

I ordered all these products all the way from NG, I do not know if I can find them anywhere else on our beloved continent! I am so excited, its like hair heaven here! First DC that I will try is Hairveda, so many of the blog sistas I follow use this product, I hope it works for me too :)

Will give updates as I try each product...

Thanks Sizzelle ( for your online store, great customer service if anyone is looking for a good & reliable online store...


  1. You have so many goodies, please make sure you do some reviews for the products you try.

  2. I am sitting here drooling at all the goodies! I didn't know that the Sizelle store ships outside of Nigeria! I am definitely going to check it out. Hopefully shipping won't be too expensive.

    Lungi @ HHDC

    1. Lol product junkie symptoms :-) I'm not going to USA anytime soon (and I haven't been able to find these products anywhere else around), so the postage fees I paid was worth it to me. I used EMS courier service... I think it's worth finding out how much it will cost in total..


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