My Avo Masque Scare

So it is known that avocado is a moisturizing ingredient used in many hair products. It is also known that quite a number of healthy hair sojourners use avocado in its pure form as a deep conditioner.

I had been reading about Avo and its advantages, and why it it makes such a good moisturizing deep conditioning masque. I cringed at the thought of putting raw food on my hair, but I thought why not give this a try, it seems that it works on many people....

I blended the following ingredients:
- 1 Ripe Avocado
- 1 tbsp castor oil
- 1 tbsp ORS Replenishing conditioner (mixed this in afterwards, no way I would put hair stuff in the blender I use for food lol)
- 1 tbsp molasses (a humectant that is known to have similar moisturizing effects as honey)
This is how it looked in my hair:

Sooooo it did not quite have the expected results on my hair. As a matter of fact, it did the opposite of what I was hoping it would do, after rinsing it out with warm water. My hair was locked into 10 locks lol and it was harder than when I rinse out a hard protein treatment!

My saving grace was a concoction of all the moisturizing deep conditioners I could find in my house. Mixed abit of each and slapped it on to my hair, when I smoothed the deep conditioner in, my hair unlocked. I did an overnight deep condition, and my hair was soft when I rinsed and dried it, but not as soft and definitely not as moisturized as it could be when I use these deep conditioners on their own so I am blaming it on the AVOCADO.

Maybe its the species of the avocado, maybe I was just unlucky with this one avocado, or maybe I shouldn't have gone under the hooded dryer... But for whatever reason I got these results, I am quite sure that this is the last time I am putting natural food in my hair as it is...not taking no chances again lol.

I was soo disappointed that this masque did not give me the results that everyone else raves about, but anyway at least I can say that I have tried!

Have you ever done a natural Avocado treatment and how did it go?

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  1. Eish. Sorry about the avo experience! at least your moisturising DC saved the day.
    I've never used avo on my hair, I vowed never to use food on my hair after an egg protein treatment also went horribly wrong :D

    1. That was a good call Lungi! It's so strange that it works wonders on some peoples hair though, even the egg treatment...

  2. Sorry about your avocado experience. I have never had a problem with it well everyone's hair reacts differently to different products. I know mine can't stand tea rinses. Don't go under the hooded dryer with raw food based DCs by the way coz they will cook in your hair hehe!

    1. Thanks Lydz,
      I've seen so many kitchenista recipes on your blog They must really work for you :-). I guess as you say hair is unique.. But maybe the hooded dryer was the problem, hehe I don't know coz I don't think I'm brave enough to try again :-) thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi, do you think it might have been the molasses being that it has the thickness of honey? When I tried coconut oil and honey (supposed to be a moisturising deep conditioner), my hair did not feel smooth or soft at all. Felt gunky and I though it was due to the honey. At least, you were brave enough to try something new!

    1. Hi Marie, it's possible although it was such a small amount compared to the avo. I've never understood how honey can be a moisturizing treatment given how sticky it is.. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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