Curlformers: What to do and what not to do

So I mentioned in my last wash day post that I did curlformers and absolutely loved them. What I didn't mention is that I had tried them the day before and it was almost a nightmare. I had an outdoor function to attend the next day, and it rained, so my curls got messed up from the rain and it was a perfect excuse to try them again.

What not to do:

1.) Attach the hook and start pulling your hair into the curlformer from your roots: Not only was this extremely painful, it was almost impossible to do because my roots are so tough from the new growth.

2.) Attempt to attach the curlformers onto wet hair: After watching a few videos on youtube like this one, most of the vloggers suggested to use curlformers on dry hair as it is easier for the hair to pull through the curlformer, and there is a much much muuch lower chance of your hair breaking than if you try pulling it into the curlformer when it is wet. But take note that if your hair is dry, the curls will be less defined than if you put the curlformers on damp hair.

3.) Force the curlformer through your hair: If you are forcing it through your hair, then you have probably put too much hair for the curlformer, and you run the risk of the hook breaking your hair

4.) Put curlformers on hair that has not been properly detangled: This is probably one of the most important things you need to do to avoid any tangles, breakage and snags from the hook.

5.) Start putting curlformers and hoping that you will be done in 20 minutes: Yeeeah, these are not quite like flexi-rods where you can get away with putting 8 flexi's in your hair and you are done. Each curlformer can only take a certain amount of hair, and the less hair you put in, the better because there is less chance of your hair being tangled and caught in the hook, as you pull the curlformer. I used about 68 curlformers both times, and it took me about 2.5 hours to put them in....but I can say the results are worth the hard work lol.

6.) Follow the instructions on the pack to the t: The instructions on my pack were based on an illustration of a lady with very straight hair. So they were not the instructions that would be applicable for my coarse hair. 

What you must definitely do:

1.) Watch a few youtube videos like this one to see how its done: I thought I had it in the bag when I tried putting them in the first time, but clearly I did not know what I was doing. And it cost me some unnecessary breakage.

2.) Use a curl defining pudding or mousse on each section of your hair before pulling the curlformers through:The first time I used the curlformers I did not use enough curling pudding. The second time I put the curlformers in, I applied enough pudding to each section of my hair, and the curlformers went through my hair like butter. It was so much easier, there was less pulling and snugging and tangling, all of the things which could happen if you don't use a product for smoothing your hair before pulling the curlformers through your hair.

Happy curlforming :-)


  1. I think your curls came out beautifully! Thanks for the tips I am yet to try curlformers or flexirods so these will come in very handy

  2. Nice and informative post there.... Beautiful curls you've got too.


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