The best of the last 7 months Part 2: Product stock-take

Ready, Steady, Grow It!

I have definitely bought more products than I needed. And now after 7 months I have come to realize that it's more about your technique as opposed to the products you use. Not to say that bad products are ok to use, but I think sticking to products that work well and not looking for something better, is a better option. Here are the products I have tried since I started my healthy hair journey:

Not replacing:
- ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion: the product sat on my hair so it didn't help me much
- Elasta QP mango butter & olive oil moisturizer: the product worked well but I found it to be a bit heavy at times. Here is my review on it (I think I exaggerated a bit on how good it was because I hadn't used a better product). This will be my go-to moisturizer if I run out of Hairveda or Pura Body Naturals.
- Mizani H2O Night Time Treatment: This was one of the first moisturizers I bought when I started my healthy hair journey. I hadn't read about the importance of checking ingredients before buying a product, and so this was a case of me not knowing that the mineral oil in this moisturizer would do more harm than good. So I stopped using it.

Keeping in my regimen:
- Hairveda Red Tea Satin Moisturizer: I have come to like this moisturizer a lot and its staying in my regimen. I only use it until my growth becomes dry because I find that it doesn't do a great job keeping my growth moisturized. Here is my review on it.
- Pura Body Naturals MuruMuru Moisture Milk: I love this moisturizer too, it's thicker than Hairveda and it works better on my new growth than Hairveda. Most of all it has an awesome scent, anything that smells like dessert is a plus for me :-)

Not replacing:
- Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Cream
- Mega Growth Ant-Breakage Leave-in Conditioner

Keeping in my regimen:
- ApHogee Green Tea & Keratin Restructurizer
- Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner
- Kurle Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave-in Conditioner
- Herbal Essences Split End Protector: for my ends only

Not replacing:
- Skin Doctor Argan Oil Moisturising Shampoo: Ingredients are written in Arabic so I can't tell for sure whether it's really sulfate free or not.
-ORS Creamy Aloe Clarifying Shampoo: Replaced with Shea Moisture Sulfate-free Clarifying Shampoo.
- Mega Growth Stimulating Shampoo: Only use it when I have braids I have braids
- Roux Porosity Control Shampoo: Don't need it

Keeping in my regimen:
- Creme of Nature Sulfate-free shampoo: my review
- Keracare Cleansing Cream: my review
- Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo: sulfate-free & clarifying
- Elasta QP Stop Action Neutralizing Shampoo
- ORS Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo: when I have installed braids.

Not replacing:
- Aunt Jackie's oh so moisturizing conditioner: I hate the scent
- Organics Tea tree oil conditioning treatment: Don't need it
- Olive Oil Hair Cream: Contains mineral oil
- Kenra Moisturizing conditioner: Too expensive
- Schwarzkopf Conditioner: Don't need it
- Dr Miracles Treatment for Damaged Hair: Don't need it
- Parnevu Hair Moyannaise: Don't need it

Keeping in my regimen:
- Silk Dreams VMCD
- Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Infusion
- ORS Replenishing conditioner 
- Hairveda Sitrinillah conditioner
- Keracare Humecto
- Kurlee Belle Avocado, Banana & Nut Treatment
- Mane n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner
- Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Conditioner
- ApHogee 2-step protein treatment
- ApHogee 2-minute Keratin Reconstructor
- Elasta QP DPR
- TRESemme & Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner (although I use these as instant conditioners)

Not replacing:
- Wild Growth Hair Oil: It smells bad when it stays in the hair for a few days (oops its in the wrong box in the picture lol!)
- Dr Miracles Intensive Spot Serum: Don't need it
- Argan Oil: Was a bit too oily for my liking
- Organics Sheen Spray: Don't need it

Keeping in my regimen:
- Coconut oil: for my wash day pre-poos, I love it!
- Castor oil: for my scalp massages, deep condition mix, inversion method sessions & sealing my new growth 
- Doo Gro Hair Growth Oil: it's a nice and light oil to mix with other oils and for scalp massages when my hair is in braids or a wig
- Grapeseed oil: I add it to my deep conditioners 
- Almond oil, peppermint & Rosemary oil: I add these oils to castor oil to reduce the thickness of the castor oil. I also use them in deep conditioners, I love the tingle from these essential oils.

Not replacing:
- ORS Wrap Mousse: The alcohol in it made my hair dry
- ORS Lye Relaxer Normal Strength

Keeping in my regimen:
- CHI Silk Infusion
- Beautiful Textures Curl Control Pudding
- Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Mousse
- Creme of Nature Gloss & Shine Mist 
- Aloe Vera Juice
- Creme of Nature Perfect Edges
- Roux Porosity Control Corrector & Conditiiner
- Mizani Thermastrength Heat Protector
- Blue Majic Castor Oil
- Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer Normal Strength

Phew, after doing this stock-take I still have quite a lot of products that I am keeping. My goal is to reduce my product haul by 25% before the end of the year...

That's it! Stay tuned for Part 3 of the best of the last 7 months!


  1. Why am I mentally shopping for my next new deep conditioner in your list of keeps?? lol.

    I like this overview of your hair stash. Good luck reducing your stash! Would you be able to do a post on the techniques that you think help to contribute to how well your hair products work? I'd love to read something like that. Thanks!

    1. Lolest no one judging you so shop all you want, at least mentally lol! I'm actually working on that at the moment, will be posting something on techniques very soon :-)

  2. The quest of minimising the product stash is such a challenge! All the best Becca

    1. Lol! I know but it starts with a thought, I hope my thought will translate into action soon....

  3. You have some really nice products. Ant Jackies conditioner is great but the scent to too strong. I need to come shop in your stash lol

    1. Hey Tomi, I wish you could come and shop till you drop, my cupboard space cannot take any more products now lol! I totally agree with you on the Aunt Jackie's, it made my hair nice and soft but the scent was just too strong for me to handle....

  4. great blog, have a nice week!


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