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So you may have seen that Dark and Lovely Africa has started this drive on youtube with short youtube ads and info-tutorials. I am assuming that these ads are targeted, and they happened to appear on a hair video that I was watching on youtube.

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I have watched a few videos, and I was a bit disappointed with the information that Dark and Lovely was trying to impart to ladies who want to get healthier hair. We all know that Dark and Lovely has been a household brand for many african ladies, and anything they say may be taken as gospel truth. I really wish that Dark and Lovely could start introducing more products that are healthy hair friendly. I like some of their products in the Amla Legend line and the Braid Care line, but they do not have enough healthy hair products that can be used on a daily basis in my opinion.

Some of the tips in the Dark 'n Lovely ads that I like:
- "Deep condition at least twice a month". I gave them a benefit of doubt because they mentioned the words "at least twice a month". The frequency of deep conditioning will differ from person to person, but generally I deep condition my hair once a week, unless I am on a long stretch in which I would deep condition once every two weeks.

"How to stop hair breakage: Apply deep treatment once a month. Massage onto hair for 5 minutes. Put under hair cap or dryer for 10-15 minutes. Use daily serum/leave-in conditioner which makes hair look fuller. Protect hair at night with satin silk scarf". I think this was the best video out of the ones that I watched, because these actions could help with reducing hair breakage. Other things that were not mentioned which could help with breakage include: using protein treatment at least once a month, maintaining moisture/protein balance in the hair based on the ingredients in your hair products and protective styling.

Some of the tips in the Dark 'n Lovely ads that I do not agree with:
- "How to care for your hair at home: Wash your hair every two weeks and use a deep treatment. Base your scalp with hair food, and wrap your hair at night after combing it out. In the morning, unwrap your hair, apply oil moisturizer and comb hair".  In my opinion combing dry hair creates friction and possible breakage, so I would not comb my hair on a daily basis, let alone twice a day!

- "Use Oil Moisturizer once every day to keep your hair from being dry". I agree that your hair needs to be moisturized well in order to prevent dryness. The frequency will differ depending on how your hair is able to retain moisture. Although I would not use an oil moisturizer, I suppose that Dark and Lovely has advised to use one since they do not have a  water-based moisturizer. I usually moisturize my hair once a day with a water-based moisturizer, and then I apply a little bit of oil or shea butter to seal the moisturizer into my hair.

- "How to grow your hair fast: Have a healthy hair regimen. Shampoo your hair twice a week. Deep condition your hair after relaxing. Trim your hair as needed". I agree with some of these tips, but shampooing your hair twice a week might be counteractive to growing your hair. The chemicals in shampoo could cause dryness and breakage in hair. And furthermore, shampooing should always be followed with a deep conditioning session, which was not mentioned in this video.

Have you watched any of these Dark and Lovely ads? What do you think about them?

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  1. Becca, Thanks for writing this post!

    It's not even only on their YouTube videos, we have TV ads here for DL relaxers where they talk about how relaxers will add moisture to hair. As a brand that is so trusted especially in Africa, it is sad that they are spreading some misleading information, granted everyone's hair is different and some methods prescribed by them can work for some people.
    That's why for the most part, I've steered clear of their products since I've started my hhj, I've only recently tried out something from the Amla Legend line.
    Anyway, this issue gets me so fired up, sorry for the essay.

    1. It's ok Lungi! I have always been upset at Dark and Lovely for their misleading advertising and products, now I cannot believe that they can falsely claim that a relaxer is moisturizing - it does the opposite! Seriously I cannot tell if they are being ignorant or whether their strategy is to mislead us!

  2. Oh dear, your reply towards your observations on their haircare tips are what's in my thought. Half correct, half misleading. Thank God for hair care blogs, your readers will get the correct way of haircare instead of just following ads. I haven't watched the videos and I have never used anything dark and lovely (I don't know why) but Thanks alot for this write up!

    1. It's very sad if not annoying! Their products are not geared for people on healthy hair journey in my opinion, except for one or two so I do not blame you for not using them... Thanks for stopping by Judith!

  3. Very well written post and I totally agree with you. Most of the times they are trying to push their products on to consumers. Thank goodness for all the healthy hair bloggers around me and you included:)

    1. So true maybe if their products were geared for healthy hair, they would give better advice... Thanks for stopping by Lydz!

  4. Started with their olive oil moisturizer for my hhj,along the line I changed to another because I wasn't feeling it that much. The only product of theirs that is my staple is the leave-in conditioner, my hair loves it. But others.....don't think so. In fact when you check the ingredients of some of their products,it's another thing entirely.


    1. I know that's why I think they are not targeting people on a healthy hair journey because their products are really not for such people. I've seen the leave-in in a few of your posts, I might try that one some day. Thanx for stopping by Dup zy :-)


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