Wash day and New Protective Style!

It feels like forever since I did a wash day post. I only had 2 proper wash days when I had my Marley twists. The other wash days were very simple and quick; I would use my ORS Dry Shampoo to clean my scalp and a damp towel to try and remove product buildup from the length of my hair.

Here is a post which shows the steps I took on a full wash day when I had my braids on -> Wash Day in Marley Twists

I finally took them out last weekend, but it took a whole week to get time to wash my hair... Here is how it went:

0.) Since I did a pre-poo the day before with warm coconut oil, I went straight to washing my hair. I didn't detangle with a comb before washing, because my hair felt dry and I feared that combing it out would cause more breakage than necessary

1.) I shampoo'd three times with JBCO Shea Moisture Sulfate-free Clarifying Shampoo. My hair felt clean after this and a bit dry, so I applied Aussie Moist 3-minute miracle moist conditioner to bring back some moisture.

2.) I rinsed the conditioner out and towel dried for a few minutes. I picked up all the hair that fell during the wash, it was soo much I was a tad worried, it looked like those pictures I see of ladies who are going through post-partum shedding. But I have been on the castor oil challenge, and I always experience increased shedding when I use it. I was just glad that the hairs fell out at this stage, the worst thing was having a head full of shedded hairs = lots of matting and knots.


3.)  I then applied my protein treatment: ORS Hair Mayo and ApHogee 2-minute reconstructor. I sat under my hooded dryer for 25 minutes and then rinsed it out.

4.) I then applied my moisturizing deep conditioner: Hairveda Sitrinillah.

5.) I sat under my dryer again for 30 minutes. This time I wrapped cling wrap to retain more heat and moisture while under my dryer.

6.) I rinsed and t-shirt dried, and went to bed.

7.) The next morning I detangled, and oh boy I thought I had removed all the tangles. But there were still a few that escaped and managed to go through the whole wash day process. So I generously applied my detanglers: Mane n Tail and Nothing but melted shea butter. I took another hour to detangle.

8.) My new growth was so thick and a bit on the dry side. I knew that I could not handle the new growth and I decided to go to the salon same day... to get another protective style!

9.) I found a very reliable salon where customer service is what they specialize in. So it was easy to make my "weird" requests (like no blow drying before plaiting my hair, and moisturizing & sealing my hair). I will give more details about the salon in my next post. 

I got crochet braids installed using the same Marley extensions I used to make my twists (YES I washed them with ORS Clarifying Shampoo and Tressemme Conditioner before installing them again).

I totally love my new hairstyle (why did I never think of doing crochet braids earlier!!!). It has got me feeling like this:
I will do a separate post on my first salon visit since I started my hair journey, as well as the process of installing the crochet braids. For now, here is a sneak pic of my new protective hairstyle:
Hope you had a great wash day! Check out other wash day experiences on savingourstrands.com or justgrowalready.com 

The Wash Day Experience

Hair Confessions....

Heyy, so after 5 weeks with my lovely marley braids, I started getting some (loud and clear) hints that it was time to remove them.

Honestly, my hair was looking rough, you know when your hair starts sticking out of the braids and there is no scarf you can tie down to make those hairs behave... that was the situation, so I removed my braids and I was too tired to start detangling.

Honestly I have been so tired to do anything after work, so a few days passed before I sat down and started detangling my hair properly. I just finished this process yesterday, and it took about 4 hours in total to properly detangle and remove shedded hairs. Luckily I only had one knot that I had to cut off, so the hours spent detangling were worth it. I used my new favourite detangler, Nothing but melted shea butter, and sprayed my Mane 'n Tail Detangler for more moisture as I worked through my hair. Both detanglers worked really well for me. 

I hope to do a thorough wash and DC sometime before the weekend, but I can't promise - life has just become too busy. I really need to get back on track with healthy hair practices. the worst thing I want to experience is a setback due to my own doing.....

In the meanwhile, I have been rocking my wig, which has helped. I put 10 flexi rods on my wig, and it came out really nicely, but for some reason I have been feeling less and less confident when I have my wig on. I feel that it is not looking as real as it looked when I bought it - I don't know why... So I think I will keep braiding and I am hoping to experiment with crochet braids for my next protective style. 

What is your favorite protective style?
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