Wash day and New Protective Style!

It feels like forever since I did a wash day post. I only had 2 proper wash days when I had my Marley twists. The other wash days were very simple and quick; I would use my ORS Dry Shampoo to clean my scalp and a damp towel to try and remove product buildup from the length of my hair.

Here is a post which shows the steps I took on a full wash day when I had my braids on -> Wash Day in Marley Twists

I finally took them out last weekend, but it took a whole week to get time to wash my hair... Here is how it went:

0.) Since I did a pre-poo the day before with warm coconut oil, I went straight to washing my hair. I didn't detangle with a comb before washing, because my hair felt dry and I feared that combing it out would cause more breakage than necessary

1.) I shampoo'd three times with JBCO Shea Moisture Sulfate-free Clarifying Shampoo. My hair felt clean after this and a bit dry, so I applied Aussie Moist 3-minute miracle moist conditioner to bring back some moisture.

2.) I rinsed the conditioner out and towel dried for a few minutes. I picked up all the hair that fell during the wash, it was soo much I was a tad worried, it looked like those pictures I see of ladies who are going through post-partum shedding. But I have been on the castor oil challenge, and I always experience increased shedding when I use it. I was just glad that the hairs fell out at this stage, the worst thing was having a head full of shedded hairs = lots of matting and knots.


3.)  I then applied my protein treatment: ORS Hair Mayo and ApHogee 2-minute reconstructor. I sat under my hooded dryer for 25 minutes and then rinsed it out.

4.) I then applied my moisturizing deep conditioner: Hairveda Sitrinillah.

5.) I sat under my dryer again for 30 minutes. This time I wrapped cling wrap to retain more heat and moisture while under my dryer.

6.) I rinsed and t-shirt dried, and went to bed.

7.) The next morning I detangled, and oh boy I thought I had removed all the tangles. But there were still a few that escaped and managed to go through the whole wash day process. So I generously applied my detanglers: Mane n Tail and Nothing but melted shea butter. I took another hour to detangle.

8.) My new growth was so thick and a bit on the dry side. I knew that I could not handle the new growth and I decided to go to the salon same day... to get another protective style!

9.) I found a very reliable salon where customer service is what they specialize in. So it was easy to make my "weird" requests (like no blow drying before plaiting my hair, and moisturizing & sealing my hair). I will give more details about the salon in my next post. 

I got crochet braids installed using the same Marley extensions I used to make my twists (YES I washed them with ORS Clarifying Shampoo and Tressemme Conditioner before installing them again).

I totally love my new hairstyle (why did I never think of doing crochet braids earlier!!!). It has got me feeling like this:
I will do a separate post on my first salon visit since I started my hair journey, as well as the process of installing the crochet braids. For now, here is a sneak pic of my new protective hairstyle:
Hope you had a great wash day! Check out other wash day experiences on savingourstrands.com or justgrowalready.com 

The Wash Day Experience


  1. I really like the curls. How do you like the combination of the two protein treatments?

    1. Thanks Uzo! I prefer using the aphogee on its own as I find it more effective. But since I wanted to keep the treatment for longer than 5 minutes, I thought it was best to mix it with a weaker protein treatment such as ORS Mayo

  2. Love love the crotchet braids!!!!

    1. Thanks Tomi! I'm hooked to them too!!

  3. How cute!!!! Those curls definitely suit you! About how long did it take to install them?

    Thanks for sharing our #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

    1. Thanks KLP! The installation took about 2 hours, and then another 1 hour to put in the perm rods.

  4. I am loving the curls Becca, they are curled to perfection and they suit you

    1. Thanks Lungi! 3 weeks in and the curls are still popping :-)

  5. Wow! this is just perfect,love it.


  6. Hi Becca! I'm back in your comments!
    and I have lots of questions think of it as proof that I read your blog post.
    Bear with me on this one...
    1. How long does it take you to wash your hair? I find I use waaaaay to much time - mainly coz I forget to rinse out my conditioners...i just forget!
    2. I am also on a castor oil challenge! this is so cool! what are you doing in your challenge and tell me more about your increased shedding... first i am hearing of castor oil doing this...
    3. Does mixing your hair mayo and Aphrogee 2 minute reconstructor together makes the protein treatment stronger or weaker? *tilts head to the side curious like*.
    4. 1 hour detangling really sucks Becca! Uzoma from Don't touch the hair (she's here on your comments) suggested braiding your hair and washing it like that to minimise the matting and tangles; have you tried that before?

    questions done. now i need some space

    Tell me more please!! How did they get the Marley hair to curl like that? Last time I tried I almost got a burnt scalp for my troubles.

    1. Kangopie! Welcome back!! haha it's ok I have enough space to reply to all your questions....

      1. It takes about 4 hours on a typical wash day, but when I have a lot of new growth it will take me about 5 hours, because of the detangling process. I miss the first few wash days after relaxing my hair, those are the quickest!

      2. The hairlista one right? I experienced a lot of shedding the first time I used castor oil. Apparently the castor oil can speed up the hair growth phase, resulting in the hair which was in the last phase shedding off faster than usual. So now I mix it with almond/ olive oil. Like 2 parts castor oil and 1 part of another oil, and I add a few drops of peppermint and rosemary oils. This way I still get the benefits of castor oil, but with much less shedding.
      3. Lol, I wanted to weaken the Aphogee so I added ORS hair mayo, and it worked! For me the mayo is a very light protein conditioner, have you used it before?
      4. Yes yes everytime she posts about her wash day, I always remember that I keep telling myself to wash in braids, and I always forget. I need to become disciplined in that, thanks for reminding me!

      The marley braids were curled on perm rods and then dipped in hot water when on my head. They dipped like 5 at a time so it took a while to get all of them dipped. I then went under the hooded dryer to get the hair to dry before they removed the perm rods. I would not advise anyone to do this on their own!!! However, I have seen some youtube videos of ladies who use curling pudding on the marley braids, put the braids on perm rods and the next day the hair is curled, so maybe you can try that method as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. this is an awesome reply! thanks for all the information!
      2. yes I am also on the hairlista challenge! Are we in the same groups there? I will have to find you. Oh you never said if you have ever done a black tea rinse to minimise the shedding?
      3.I also think ORS hair mayo is a light protein, I love the stuff.
      I will get my hair curled at a salon the next time i do a style like this! mine were a complete disaster and lots of burnt scalp even though i got my friends to help me. do you think you will need to recurl the marley hair?

      are your curls still intact?

    3. Anytime! Yes I will try to look for you although I am not so active on hairlista....
      Yes Pleeeez do not do the hot water curling thing at home, or alternatively use flexi rods, which I think are much safer and easier to dip in hot water without burning yourself.

      4 weeks later and my curls were still in tact, although i combed them out this week coz I wanted a different look.. Also the ends got a bit frizzy...

  7. Very lovely, nice one. By the way,I nominated you for a Sisterhood world bloggers award, plz kindly check it out on my blog


    1. thanks Dup zzy, oh my word, I am only seeing your comment now, so sorry!


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