2015 Hair Hits & Misses

I could go on an on in this post, since this was my 1st healthy hair year. There are so many things I learnt and would therefore call a hit. There are also many things I learnt from other healthy hair bloggers and tried on my hair, which were definitely a miss. But all in all, I am so grateful to have started this journey and I have no regrets. On to the hits and misses....

Hit #1: Combing on wash days only
This has saved me a lot of hair and tears. I used to comb my hair on a daily basis, and there were always strands, long and short, left on the comb. I never realised how much tension and breakage resulted from combing, until I stopped. Definitely one of the best things I learnt this year

Hit #2: Protective styling
I think I had my hair in long-term protective styles for at least 4 full months of the year. I got a lot of length retention from protective styling, and I am going to continue with the trend going into 2016.

Hit #3: Shea Moisture Products
I didn't realise how many products I had collected from this brand, until last week. And they are all big hits in my product stash. One of the products will become a staple in my regimen, i.e. Shea Moisture Transitioning Milk. When it comes to moisturizing, it has trumped all other moisturizers that I have tried this year.
I know many people buy some of these products and they are a total fail, but I read so many reviews and did enough research before spending a cent on any any one of them - and it paid off.

Hit #4: Overnight Deep Conditioning
I learnt about this technique from KLP & savingourstrands.com. There has not been a single overnight DC session which has not resulted in long lasting moisture for my hair. I am taking this technique forward into the new year. My hair craves for moisture 99% of the time, and the overnight DC'ng goes a long way in keeping my hair moisturized. See some of my favourite DC's for the year below, which I also used for overnight DCs.

Hit #5: Castor Oil
This has been my favourite oil throughout the year. I have had to mix it up with lighter oils, as my hair was shedding quite a lot when I used it in its pure state. My hair has gained thickness from consistently doing scalp massages with this oil, and I am keeping it in my regimen for 2016. I joined the Hairlista Hair challenges, which helped me to keep the discipline in the scalp massages using castor oil.

Miss #1: Home-made Avo Deep Conditioner
Remember this post? Yes, this was a total fail. My hair was so hard I could not believe it. After this instance, I have not prepared or used a home-made conditioner. 

Miss #2: Hanging on to damaged ends
I think I would have retained more length if I did not take a whole year to take off the ends that were causing breakage and havoc when I would detangle my hair. Lesson learnt and noted.

Miss #3: Strong-scented products
These products were actually good, but the scent was too strong for me and I have since given them away: Aunt Jackie's conditioner & Beautiful Textures Curl Control

Miss #4: Roller sets
Sigh, I tried doing a roller set once, and I looked like I was from the Victorian Age. I also felt like there was so much manipulation going on with the smoothing and combing out. I will attempt them again in the new year.

I hope that you had an awesome 2015! Cheers to 2016, and thank you for all the blog love that you have showed on this blog. It has been a year and 1 month since I started my blog, and I am excited to have reached 10,000 number of viewers before the year-end. I hope to bring great and consistent content to my piece of the "www" come 2016!


  1. Great post! Protective Styling was a huge factor in my growth this year. I also agree about holding on to damaged ends!

    1. Thanks Keoshia! I see we had a few hits in common:-)

  2. I agree Aunt Jackies is strong but sooooo moisturizing. You have a ton of hits so cheers to 2016. Happy New Year.

    1. I liked the result of the product but I had no choice but to give it away...Thanks Tomi! Cheers to a productive 2016!

  3. Great post! This reminds me of my Hair Lessons learned posts. I did them 2 years in a row but not sure I leaarned anything new last year so I was happy to join the Best Hairstyles link up.

    1. Thank you! This was my first such post so I felt like I had a lot of content for it lol.

  4. Hooray for over night deep conditioning! I actually really liked your roller sets!

    Thanks for sharing your Best of 2015 post chica!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

    1. haha thanks KLP maybe my hair was too short to get a better roller set result. Will try it again

  5. Avocado makes my hair hard too. Bananas on the other hand...
    Your roller set results are actually really pretty. I also love Shea Moisture products! and I went from combing only on wash days which was awesome to not combing at all. Lol.
    Really informative post. Maybe I should overnight dc more often

    Naija girl next door

    1. Oh wow not combing at all! That is a challenge I would like to do... Shea moisture products can be a big hit, but I have heard people complaining about some of the other lines... Thanks for stopping by on my blog Sandra!


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