Recap of the Natural Beauty Bar Exhibition in Nairobi

Source: Facebook, The Natural Beauty Bar

A group of entrepreneurs selling natural products (mainly hair products, but including skin and bath products) came together and showcased their products in Nairobi over the weekend.

The venue was very convenient for me and close to where I live, so I went to see what's out there.

The things that stood out for me as I walked around the stalls in the exhibition were:
- Most of the products were hand-made
- All of the products were made in Kenya! A big plus for me, we need to support our African and Kenyan entrepreneurs, this is how we grow as a nation and as a continent
- Most of the entrepreneurs were well aware of the main ingredients in each of their products, at the back of their hand, and easily explained the benefits without sounding like their were overselling the products. I also liked that most of them were well conversant with healthy hair practices, it felt more reassuring that they new what it takes to make good hair products.

I liked that all the products were natural, i.e. no parabens, mineral oils, petrolatum, and any such stuff that is used in many popular hair products that are geared towards Black hair types.

I had one awkward conversation with one of the entrepreneurs, whose first question to me was whether my hair was natural or transitioning to natural. When I said neither, she started educating me on how to take care of natural hair, and I felt a bit offended as I did not ask for this advice. Instead of educating me about her products, she went on about how natural hair can be manageable. I appreciated the talk, but I feel that natural products can be used by anyone irrespective of how you choose to keep your hair, relaxed, texlaxed or natural. I felt that me and my relaxed hair were not welcome to use those products, so I moved away from that stall and did not go back to buy anything. Even if your target market is natural hair women, why would you miss an opportunity to make a sale to someone else who is interested???

In the end, I bought 4 products from the other stalls, and 2 of them were for my sister, so I can say I was quite disciplined in buying only what I felt I needed to try.

This is what I bought:

Marini Naturals Curling Butter (USD 9): I liked that it has a lot of pure oils, and the texture felt like something that could be used as a sealant as well

Marini Naturals Leave-in Conditioner (USD 8): The flaxseed gel in this product is what makes it an excellent detangler and leave-in conditioner, as per what they said. Only thing is that it is very runny, as per the tester that I tried out.

Harvest of Sunshine Deep Conditioner (USD 13): It was 1 of the 2 only deep conditioners that were showcased, and this one was the most convincing.

Ajani Whipped Butter (USD 12): I have not come across a butter that contains water, so I very much wanted to try this product for my skin and my hair.

For a total of 42 USD, I think I overspent by a few shillings, but I am happy that I am giving most of these as gifts. After all, 'tis the season of giving....

I will do a review of each of the products that I try, as per the request of all the ladies from whom I bought products. 

I am hoping to do a post on the best of 2015, with SOS and JGA's annual linkup. Until then, Merry Christmas to you all and a blessed and hairrific new year :-)


  1. Sasa mbona huku nialika:( I never heard of this event they need to advertise better next time I would have loved gto attend. Happy new year chica!

    1. Woiye pole sana, i actually stumbled onto their Facebook page. I will definitely let you know if I hear of another such event and we can go together :-) Happy new year mrembo!

    2. Yes!!! I would love that:)

  2. Those products look yummy, especially that whipped butter. I am so keen to attend a hair event or fair, I've never been to one before :(

    1. The whipped butter is nice as it contains water, so it doesn't feel greasy. I'm just concerned as to how long it will last before going rancid. I hope you find a fair to go to, I find out about them through Facebook hair groups


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