Stretch #3, 2015: Growing, Retaining & Maintaining my hair

I am still on my third stretch of the year, and I am hoping that I can wait until next year to do a relaxer session. But I am just waiting and seeing how things go, nothing is cast in stone for me. Managing three different textures is not easy: my new growth is very coily and hard to retain any moisture or softness with it.

My mini length check showed that I am well past the APL line, BSL here I come! I know It will take some time and patience before getting there but this is what I have done in the past 4 months in desperate need to grow my hair for the remaining part of the year:

I still have about 3 inches of thin relaxed ends that need to go, but I definitely was not expecting to see this amount of thickness and length retained. So cheers to protective styling and the exercising I did!

I have not mentioned that I trained and ran for a half marathon last month... I did about 150 kilometers in total for my training so I can definitely say that it has contributed to the growth I have experienced!

I am hoping to do a few more weeks of the disciplined habits I started, but I think a break from protective styles is much deserved for now...


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