Review of my 2015 Hair Goals

Happy new year!!! I hope the year has started on a high note!

The hardest part of goal setting for me is reviewing my achievements with as much self-honesty as possible. But it must be done, there is always something to learn when you look back on what you achieved and what you didn't.

So here it is:

Hair Goal #1. I will put health before length this year. I aim to have thick, healthy texlaxed hair with healthy ends.
Achieved. My hair has thickened significantly since the beginning of last year. Castor oil and hair vitamins have helped me achieve this goal.

Hair goal #2. Ultimately my 2015 hair goal is to reach full bra strap length. I am currently 2 inches above armpit length. Therefore I need to grow and retain 6 inches of hair. I am fully on line 2 on my length check t-shirt, so I need to reach line 7.
Not achieved. I reached armpit length, and have 3 inches to go until I reach Bra Strap Length.

Hair Goal #3. I will deep condition my hair every week, unless I am in a long-term protective style, in which case I will deep condition every second week.

Hair Goal #4. I will try to stretch my relaxers for as long as I can (not more than 20 weeks) I will have a maximum of 4 relaxers this year.
Achieved. I stretched for a minimum of 16 weeks, and relaxed my hair twice in 2015. 

Hair Goal #5. I will use the inversion method once a month with castor oil.
Achieved... See Journey to Waist Length's youtube video on what this is all about.

Hair Goal #6. I will do scalp massages three times a week, alternating between Doo Gro oil and Wild growth oil each month.
Achieved, but mostly with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. 

Hair Goal #7. I will participate in at least 1 healthy hair challenge each month.
Achieved. I have been on the 2015 Change your hair challenge by Ms Kibibi and the Hairlista Castor Oil Challenges throughout the year

Hair Goal #8. I will drink at least 1 litre water a day.
Not achieved. I was very inconsistent, I will be tracking my daily intake this year.

Hair Goal #9. I will take my Groganics hair vitamins consistently every month.
Not achieved. I had a bit of a vitamin mishap when I started on the Mane Choice vitamin intake. I have 1 bottle left, which I hope to finish in January 2016. 

Hair Goal #10. I will update my blog by adding at least 1 post each week.
Not achieved, I missed a few weeks, and I will be more realistic this year when it comes to setting goals about my blog.

So, I have achieved 6 out of 10 goals! I am very pleased with myself for being disciplined and consistent. It has also helped me to apply the same principles in other areas of my life.

How was your 2015 hair journey?


  1. Your last resolution/goal is one of mine for 2016. Hopefully, I can keep up with it!

    1. Yess, please keep the new content coming. Thanks for stopping by Kim!

  2. Happy New Year!
    Congratulations Becca, you did well. All the best for the 2016 hair journey. You're well on your way to BSL

    1. Thanks Lungi! crossing my fingers for BSL this time round...

  3. Happy New Year! 6/10 is a great score in any book! All the best with your 2016 goals

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne for the positive words! Happy new year 2016!


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