Hair Vitamin Update #2 & Mane Choice Review

I haven't done an update on my vitamin intake in a long time. I thought that I would have finished my Mane Choice Vitamins a while back. If I had taken them as prescribed, I should have finished my 4 bottles of vitamins in September. I had a bit of a breakout when I started taking the pills, so I had to go easy on the intake.

I started with an intake 1 pill three times a week, and then when I felt that my body had gotten used to the pills I increased my intake to 1 pill every other day. So that meant finishing 1 bottle after 2 months. It therefore makes sense that after starting in June last year, I finished my last bottle last week.

My thoughts/ review on Mane Choice:

1.) My hair's thickness has definitely improved, but I do not have much to compare this progress with, as I only started the healthy hair journey in late 2014.

2.) I gained some length during this time. From August to December, I gained about 3 inches, but had to trim it all off. However, my hairline is now at full length for the first time, which is why I still think I gained some length. However, I think I gained more thickness than length. The rate of my hair growth did not increase during the time that I took Mane Choice

3.) I had a few acne problems when I started taking Mane Choice, but I realised something else last week: I wore my wig for two days (I last wore it in July last year) and got one pimple on my face, similar to the ones I had last year when I started taking Mane Choice:

I realised that the acne that I was experiencing when I started taking the vitamins was partly due to a reaction to the texture of the wig. However, I still get acne breakouts if I take these vitamins without supplementing them with enough water and exercise. Therefore, I am convinced that the biotin content of these vitamins is a bit high for my body's threshold.

I am keen on trying Mane Choice again, but for now I will be going back to Groganics. In short my overall experience was ok, and I would recommend these pills to anyone who is not biotin sensitive.

Have you tried Mane Choice? What was/ is your experience?


  1. I have heard a lot of bloggers complain about their face breaking out when they take supplements that alone scared me lol But I read somewhere that drinkingplenty of water with the supplements help plus it's only a temporary break out

    1. Yep, it definitely has a negative impact on one's skin, and worse if you are more sensitive to biotin than most people.

      I probably should have bought one bottle or read the ingredients before diving in and buying so many lol! Groganics vitamins have half the amount of biotin that Mane Choice Vitamins have


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