Hair Update

I haven't done a proper update in a while, since I have been on this protective styling run.

Current Hairstyle:
- 4 weeks and counting in my mambo braids. I am taking them out this week, I realised that my hair suffers more than it gains when I keep these styles in for long.

Next Relaxer date: 
- I really don't know, I am just winging it for now, until I feel my hair telling me that it's time... I am 14 weeks post relxer now.

- My hair steamer. I can't go wrong when I use it, I always feel the difference in my hair's moisture after using my steamer.
Recently purchased: 
- A HotHead Deep Conditioning Cap. I haven't used it yet, but I am super excited about it. Purchased from

- aPhogee Keratin 2-minute Restructurizer
- Creme of Nature Leave-in Conditioner
- Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz
- A jar of Shea butter
Wish list:
- Nothing, still purging my stash so I am not trying any new things until I cut down on what I have.

Other updates:
- I have been exercising at least twice a week, and I am hoping to increase this to three times a week. It has definitely help me feel better about myself and my health.
- I stopped taking hair vitamins for the past month or so, as I have been on medication. I am hoping to start again soon. I saw good results in terms of my hair thickness when I was on the vitamins. Hopefully I will get the same or better results in my hair's thickness and growth rate.


  1. How often do you use the use the steamer?

    1. very randomly i must say, only when I feel that my hair is dry

  2. Your braids looks lke the perfect twist out hair style. Its gorgeous on you.


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