Dry Hair? Try Water....

Hiii everyone! I have gone MIA again... Sigh... I hope this is the last time that this happens this year... So much to do and so little time. However, I am happy to say that I have still been able to find time to take care of my hair and read your posts on Bloglovin' even though I haven't been commenting on all of them *hides face*

I am now 24 and a half weeks post relaxer, and I am counting down the days to my next retouch.. I don't really know the exact day but it is definitely any time from now.

Remember in my last post I asked for tips on what to do with dry hair? Thanks ladies for the tips they all came in handy. In fact of late, I have been using water and an oil to moisturize and seal.. shoutout to KLP of savingourstrands.com and Kim of fancyflairlady.com for reminding me of the miraculous powers of H20....

My hair is low porosity + thick, which makes it very difficult for anything to penetrate into my strands. I have found water to be very helpful. 

How I have been doing it:
1. Every other day I moisturize my hair with my Shea Moisture Transitioning Milk. 
2. But when I don't, it's just water and an oil. 
3. I use a spray bottle to spritz the water from my roots to tip. I spray the water onto my hair so that it becomes just about damp, not dripping wet!
4. I use my hands to spread the water evenly through my hair and I do this in four sections. 
5. I then seal each section with a liquid oil - castor oil works best for me as it also does a good job on making my ends feel smoother and softer. 

- Smoother ends
- Hair that retains moisture for longer
- New growth that is easier to manage

I will keep this in mind whenever I have dry hair problems - sometimes it helps to go back to basics, the bare minimum. I have come to learn that Simpler is usually Better with this hair journey, but don't we always want to experiment and see whether the latest product or technique in town will do wonders for our hair :-)

P.S. My ends are looking sadly thin because of the very obvious contrast between my bone-straight ends and the thicker texlaxed hair that I am trying to transition towards. 


  1. I'm so glaad you've gotten your hair back on track. The basics sometimes is best for our hair and i'm now realising that and doing that.

    1. Aww thanks Tomi, yeah the one thing I have learnt on this hair journey is that less is usually more...


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