Hot Head Conditioning Cap.. Yay or Nay?

I purchased the hot head conditioning cap on Etsy about 3 months ago. 

Price: 35 USD, excl. shipping
Bought from:
The purchasing process was really smooth and I got a tracking number to track my parcel right until its arrival in Nairobi. It took about 7 days to get here which was quite fast compared to other online purchases I have made in the past. 

The cap came in a packet and a cute thank you card which I thought was quite nice and smart of them - good marketing.

The cap came with clear instructions on how to use it, and I have pretty much stuck to those instructions, as I would want it to last for as long as it possibly can. 
After I heat the cap in the microwave, I place it on top of my hair, which is already covered with a shower cap - this keeps the hot head cap clean and it was also part of the instructions that it should not be placed directly on the head :-)
I have used the cap about 6 times now, and each time the heat lasts for about 25 minutes. 

What I love about this cap:
- I can do a deep conditioning session just about anywhere
- I can multi-task like a bawss with this cap. I do not need to be stationed in one place as the cap does not need to be plugged in to remain warm (the cap contains flaxseeds which I am guessing is a heat conductor...something like that)
- I can keep it on my hair overnight if I want an extra deep conditioning session.

What I don't like about the cap: 
- I have to reheat it after about 25 minutes
- Sometimes the cap loses heat quickly on the sides in comparison with the middle
- I chose a white cap, so it does get a bit dirty on the sides, and the cap cannot be washed. It can only be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Overall, it is a biiiiig YAY for me. This cap has made my wash days so much more efficient. However, I still use my dryer/ steamer when I need a bit more heat/moisture for my hair.

Have you used this cap, and what was your experience with it?


  1. That's the biggest advantage about these conditioning caps, that you don't have to be put in one place while using them.
    7 days is a short time for delivery from overseas! Did you have to pay customs fees?
    Please can we have the details of the seller if you don't mind sharing

    1. Hey Lungi, it is totally worth it! You can be anywhere and do a deep conditioning session. I don't remember paying any custom fees, and if I did it must have been minimal. I asked the seller to send it through priority package which takes 3-5 days and I paid an extra 20$ for it, mostly because I wanted to get a parcel with a tracking number which I could track personally.

    2. I've updated the link in the blog article which will take you directly to the etsy page where I got the hot head cap.

  2. Those caps are so convenient but so annoying since you need to reheat the cap. Thanky notes are one of those things that i think will bring repeated customers, i hope more companies take note. Great review.

    1. Hey Tomi, I do not reheat this cap. Once I heat it the first time, it lasts up to 25 minutes which is enough for me. I definitely borrowed a leaf from them, I will not forget the thank you note and it gave me good expectations of the product even before I used it :-)

  3. I also want to try a conditioning cap, since my wash days are when I am doing my house chores, so sitting under the hooded dryer is time consuming.

    1. Hey Lebo :-) this is definitely the cap for you, or something similar at least.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to review Hot Head! We're so happy to hear you're finding it beneficial to your hair care routine. Have a wonderful day! :)

  5. A hot head deep conditioning cap is on my wish list. I'm glad you like it. Nice review!


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