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After going through so many tubs of conditioners over the past few months, I realized that I still had a lot of products that I could not possibly consume in a short space of time, like moisturizers, heat protectants, etc.

Solution? Giveaway!


Choosing between Lye and No Lye Relaxers

I am nowhere near transitioning to natural, although this is something I would like to do once I achieve my length goal. So until then, the relaxers will remain in my hair regimen

From my last relaxer update, I mentioned how disappointed I was in the Mizani Relaxer. It could be that the relaxer had gone "stale" as I had bought it a couple of months ago. However, in addition to this, the breakage I have been experiencing is making me to question every part of my hair regimen, including the relaxer that I use. 

So I am considering switching relaxers, and OMG there are so many relaxers in the market it is nothing short of overwhelming. So I took a step back, and started doing research on different brands and also types of relaxers, just to make sure that I switch relaxers with all the information that I need to make the decision.

I have been using Mizani Butter Blend Lye Relaxer (Normal Strength) since I started this hair journey. Although I tried using ORS relaxer on the very first relaxer day of my healthy hair journey, and it completely underprocessed my hair. In hindsight, perhaps I did not apply it properly or I rinsed it out too soon, it was in the early days of my HHJ, so I need to give it a benefit of doubt.

Before I started my HHJ, I used Dark 'n Lovely, and it worked pretty well, and my hair was always nice and silky after relaxing. Although I would not want straight hair like that again...

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