Back-to-Back Protective Styling

Hello everyone and Hello December!!

Only one month to go until we end it off... I am looking forward to reviewing the highs and lows of the year!

So after my setback (second one of the year I think...), I decided to give my hair a very long break. I started with protective styles in September, and I have not done anything else with my hair since. Here are some of the styles that I tried out:

I miss my hair an awful lot, but I think I made the right decision; my hair was experiencing a lot of breakage and I really did not know exactly what the cause was. It has eased off now, and I also have a better idea of what caused the setback:
- crochet braids that I did earlier in the year, where the plaits unravelled and caused a lot of dryness on my ends without me realising the damage caused
- extreme weather changes when I went on holiday a few months ago; my hair was not in a protective style and so the heat in those countries caused some breakage

I have been in back-to-back protective styles for the past 3 months, and I am planning on continuing with them for another 3 months. I have been moisturizing & sealing as usual, and washing my hair in between the protective styles (on average once a month).

How are you keeping your hair this festive season?

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